Coalhouse Fort

Coalhouse Fort Project, Princess Margaret Road, East Tilbury, Tilbury, Essex, RM18 8PB




The Fort:

11-5PM  SUNDAY 25 JUNE: OPEN DAY & SUNDAY 30 JULY: Classic Vehicle Day

Adults £4, Seniors £3, Children 50p


Lisa Anderson

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Displays about East Tilbury’s involvement in the two World Wars







Wall mounted illustrated map: ‘Exploring the Neighbourhood’. This is an artist illustrated large 3D map produced in a traditional water-colour style. It includes places of interest in Thurrock and famous characters that have shaped its history. Characters include Queen Elizabeth I, Daniel Defoe and Joseph Conrad.

Wall mounted seasonal wildlife display: Who’s Visiting Coalhouse Fort Park today? Highly visual display using magnetic overlays containing photographic images with text. Species can be added or removed depending on the seasons.

Timeline: ‘A Brief History of East Tilbury’. Rectangular glass panel displaying printed images from East Tilbury’s past. Reverse printed with text from the fort’s military record book. The timeline images and text are connected by vintage style braided wire and brass connections. This timeline takes the appearance of a wiring diagram which relates to the building’s original use- generating electricity for searchlights.

Display Case: ‘Coalhouse Fort in the Victorian era, WW1 and WW2’. Micro museum telling the story of the fort through its three main phases. Will display original artefacts relating to the fort and other local militaria.

Illustrated Welcome Panel: ‘Welcome to Coalhouse Fort’. Artist painted water-colour style illustration depicting the fort from an aerial view. Has a cutaway section showing the inside of a Victorian gun battery and the ammunition magazine tunnels below. Lots of accompanying photos and images, with text to explain the role and purpose of the fort.