Hardie Park

Hardie Park Cafe, Hardie Road, Stanford-le-Hope SS17 0PB




Brad Rumble / www.mrshoeshineman.com

My name is Brad ‘MrShoeShineMan’ Rumble and I like to bring my imagination to life through a mixture of mediums. My imagination is what free’s me from the constraints of BPD (borderline personality disorder) and allow me to question the world other people see. I try to achieve this through the use of strange, sometimes shocking, imagery, often utilising colours in the neon spectrum to create a contrast to what we usually see. I use shocking or satirical imagery to highlight issues I see within society and the world, body dysmorphia, anxiety, depression, mental health problems, issues of race, religion and class etc in hopes of making the viewer question the presented reality and societal expectations of the.

Colin O’Donnell

Growing up as a hobbyist illustrator in Essex who went on to study Graphic Design at Plymouth College of Art. My main goal as an artist is to create work that looks and feels cool. Having finished my degree the May of this year, I aim to continue by combining my two crafts and start exploring the world creating my own graphic novel.

My favourite type of illustration to do is portraits but currently I am experimenting using the retrospective of 80’s graphic identity and the themes of cyberpunk/dystopian futures as my inspiration.