St. Catherine’s Church

St Catherine’s Church,, Princess Margaret Road, East Tilbury Village, East Tilbury, RM18 8PB





Tim Harrold

Perceptualism is where the Conceptual and the Metaphysical meet.

My work is full of allegory, metaphor and meaning. It is contemplative and meditative, with the underlying themes of faith and spirituality.

I use found objects to make boxed assemblages or readymade sculptures. The architectural model figures and a few of the objects are sourced.

The collected and rediscovered items are reimagined, reassigned and reconfigured into multimedia miniature theatrical scenes or dioramas, and freestanding pieces. Previously random backstories come together into new poetic narratives: visual parables.

There’s an element of surprise, something of the surreal, the hidden waiting to be revealed.

John Espin

Born in the mining village of Rossington South Yorkshire, moved with family to Essex in the sixties. On leaving state education I worked in central London in advertising, disillusioned I joined a foundation course in art at Thurrock 1972. Went on to obtain a fine arts degree in sculpture/painting at Maidstone college of art, studying under Roland Piche and Anthony Gormly. left in 1978 and had many studios throughout Essex, being one of the founder members of the Stanford Studios.