The Bell Inn

The Bell Inn, High Rd, Horndon on the Hill, Stanford-le-Hope SS17 8LD





Jack Browning

I’m a 19 year old, very hairy and paint-covered fine artist. I’ve always focused on conveying personality and the persons and places around me through an informed use of colour and specific subject matter. I often paint live around Essex, and frequent many festivals, where I offer workshops and construct pieces in front of a crowd.


Jolanta Jagiello, Philip Melling & Rowena Wright

Philip Melling:

Working predominantly in metals, Philip creates an eclectic range of sculpture for exhibition, private clients and public installation.

Philip’s inspiration mostly comes from the materials he uses, concepts of movement and through experimentation and development of shape.
He often works in linear forms, which are dictated by the capability of the tools and processes he uses, and his ability to manipulate them. His work transforms simple 2-dimensional drawings into more complex 3-dimensional shapes. The manner in which the concept is realised during that process changes the original idea in ways he can’t always predict, which offers challenges in the object’s development as well as unpredicted but positive conclusions.

Rowena Wright:

The use of mixed media and natural materials, whose distinct qualities resonate with their primary and primitive source, inspire my focus on the body to transgress towards abstraction. This has become a uniquely identifying pivotal feature o my work.

Jolanta Jagiello:

Jolanta Jagiello is a welded metal sculptor who is inspired by the work of the American abstract impressionist sculptor David Smith who was profoundly concerned with relations, such as: part to part, part to whole, part to series, surface to volume, surface to edge, finding to inventing, metal to metal, industry to landscape, and daily existence to prehistory. Jolanta re-claims, re-cycles, and re-works discarded scrap metal, found objects, and machine off cuts, which are re-assembled to produce ‘new work’. Jolanta uses a number of metalwork techniques in her work: welding, brazing, plasma-cutting, gas oxy-acetylene cutting, and grinding,