The Rising Sun

The Rising Sun, Church Hill, Stanford-le-Hope, SS17 0EU




Steve Lawes

I’m inspired by intermediate states, synchronicities and the flux between chaos and order I perceive in the world. Shamanic ritual, meditation and mystical experiences all influence my work.

I have been drawing since I was a child, but only understood it as a means of self-expression in recent years, after which point my art took on a life of it’s own.

Chantal Bellew

Having left university with a BA (hons) in Design Crafts I worked as a jewellery maker for a while before becoming an art teacher.

I am currently absorbed in exploring fluid art whilst listening to music in my conservatory. I am entranced by the impressions of energy and healing left by the paint and sometimes add some Reiki into the process for good measure.

Grace Silverwood

Have been wood carving for a number of years using reclaimed wood mostly. I use nature as my main source of inspiration for both my wood carving and stained glass work.

Philip Smith

(Images to follow)

Shackled to full time teaching in the FE sector for 32 years, retirement enabled me to develop several creative ‘projects’ until recent retirement. I am a songwriter, singer performer and writer but my visual art is less intense and less cerebral. I am as a child, using materials purchased from Wilcos. I stick things on maps scrapbook style till a sense of aesthetic completion is reached. Maps, ephemera, travel and radio communication are essential ingredients.