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Well thatís it for Thurrock Art Trail 2016!

We hope you enjoyed it and that you managed to see most of the exhibitions during our two week celebration of the visual arts.  ThAT 2016 may be officially over but there are three pieces of good news: firstly, two of the exhibitions will continue or be extended so you still have time to see them. Youíll find the details below.

Secondly, Essex Summer of Art continues in other parts of Essex for the rest of the summer so youíve got plenty of time left to see other art trails outside Thurrock. Just click on the ESA logo to see whatís on.

And finally ... watch for news of 2017 or better still take part!
  to let us know youíd like to join the trail next year. 

Please donít forget to complete the questionnaire. Click on the link to do it online: this does help towards funding next yearís trail, so your input really is important.







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