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Thurrock is a place of industry and transport. Visually it has little connection with the Essex of John Constable with his idyllic rural scenes of hay carts and country folk. What Thurrock does have is striking industrial architecture and the busy River Thames with its factories and ports visited by ships from all corners of the World. The people of Thurrock regard themselves as gritty realists. Thurrock doesn’t shout about its art. Yet Thurrock has produced great artists in the widest sense of the word from drama, comedy and entertainment, News and current affairs broadcasting, poetry and books to sculpture, painting, textiles and photography.

In 2012 four local artists sought to raise the public profile of the arts in Thurrock by organising an Art Trail under the aegis of Essex Summer of Art. Their work was shown in various locations round the Borough. Thurrock Art Trail has now matured and is no longer a showcase of the small number of artists organising the event. It will publish, on this website, details of other exhibitions put on by solo artists or collaborative groups at venues of their own choosing.

The Team

Most years, the project is run by a small group of dedicated volunteer trustees.

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