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Please contact the artist directly to purchase or commission some work

Jackie E Burns

Title: Ringed Gas Planet
Size: A4 (landscape)
Materials: Pastel and mixed media on 122lb noir paper. Mounted and backed inside a cellophane bag.
Price: £40
Artist: Jackie E. Burns
Contact details: TBA

Ringed Gas Planet

Nancy Walker Art

Title: David Bowie
Size H x W:
Artist: Nancy Walker
Contact details: facebook/NancyWalkerArt , instagram/NancyWalkerArt

David Bowie

Lisa Anderson

Title: Le Mont Saint Michel, France
Size H x W: 122cm x 91cm [48" x 36"]
Materials: Oil on canvas
Price: £500
Artist: Lisa Anderson
Contact details: Email – , Website -

I like to paint through lifes ups and downs, music & words in songs very much help this. Certain places around the world and the Uk are also an inspiration in my work. I love working mainly in watercolour, inks & pencil and sometimes oils

Le Mont Saint Michel

Jane Barry

Title: Horndon Woolmarket
Size H x W: 30cm x 50cm [12" x 20"]
Materials: Fabric Collage + embroidery
Price: £400 currently available at
Textile artist: Jane Barry
Contact details: Email – , Website -

I like to portray local scenes in new ways. Fabric collage, using recycled materials and stitching, is my technique in this representation of a local landmark.

Horndon Woolmarket

Patricia Douglas

Title: Flow form
Size H x W: 37cm x 21cm [15" x 6"]
Materials: Stoneware fired glazed ceramic on wooden support with fixings for wall display
Price: £195 Artist: Patricia Douglas
Contact details: Email – , Website - to see other pieces of my work

My inspiration is the natural world, especially water. I love to watch water in motion and I’m also fascinated by the water margins: layers of colour, form and depth where the reflected sky, water and earth all meet.

Free form

Timothy Harrold

Title: The Gardener At The Gateway
Size H x W x D: 12.5cm x 12.5cm x 4 [5" x 5" x 1.5"]
Materials: Mixed media assemblage
Price: 'offer considered
Artist: Timothy Harrold
Contact details: Email –

Tim works with bric à brac, flotsam and jetsam, the discarded or misplaced along the journey of life. He finds lost objects and gives them a new story, placing them in dioramas of adventure and mystery. Tim lets his imagination be God’s playground. These are parables of the perceptual, poem-puzzles, cryptic clues to something other.

The Gardener At The Gateway

  • Born - London, 1960
  • Art Foundation Course, Thurrock Tech
  • Expressive Arts Degree, Brighton Poly
  • Art teacher, youth worker, networker, itinerant preacher
  • Assemblage constructor, photographer, illustrator, installation maker, writer, spoken word performer
Coming soon: Verses Versus Viruses, a slim volume of illustrated crafted prophetic poetry

Kara Thompson

Title: Looking out
Size A4 (landscape)
Materials: Acrylic paint
Price: nfs
Artist: Kara Thompson
Contact details: Email –

Looking out

Selena Chandler

Title: Flotsam and Jetsam
Materials: Contemporary Basketry using found and foraged materials
Price: Various
Artist: Selena Chandler
Contact details: TBC

Flotsam and Jetsam

Jessica Durrant

Title: Power - The Rearing Horse
Size 35.6 cm by 45.7 cm
Materials: Oils on Canvas
Price: £120
Artist: Jessica Durrant
Contact details: Email –

Description of artwork -
Majestic isn’t it? The power and beauty of the horse. How power flows through the veins, pulsating through each muscle as they rear up so effortlessly to show off and pride themselves on their long luscious locks of hair, throwing each strand to the mercy of the wind. Capturing the most powerful moment where the horse is at his most strongest, rising above the light tinted blue sky, isn’t easy. To give each stroke of the brush a form of expressionism to define his absolute power is almost impossible.

Power - The Rearing Horse

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